​school / workshop

​Learn aromatherapy in a way that suits you

​I'm interested in aromatherapy, but I don't know what to study. I want to try it, but it seems difficult. I have studied once, but since then I have not touched on aromatherapy. I want to increase my knowledge and experience. If you are like these...

Please feel free to contact us as you can choose according to your level and needs.

Aromatherapy workshop

1.5 hours  non-regular

Starting from $20 depending on course

Only those who are interested can participate. (For courses other than craft, only introduction course participants)


*Aromatherapy introduction course

* Aroma for women

*Cleaning aroma

* Allergy countermeasure aroma

*Spiritual aroma

* Home care aroma

*Aroma for children...etc.


​Aroma craft

such as deodorants, fragrances and aroma stones.There are also courses where children can participate  

Aromatherapy introduction

・Online course

2.5 hours available at any time

Text book, spray bottle, 1ml essential oil x 10  included

$180 (Kama'aina price avilable)

The popular introduction course, which was previously only available in Hawaii, is now available online.


History of aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy

What is essential oil?

I'm interested in aromatherapy, but suddenly I can't spend so much time and money. I have questions about aromatherapy, but I'm not sure who to ask. The "Basic Aromatherapy" course is perfect for those people. Ask a lot of questions and you will feel refreshed.

​Online course only includes 10 essential oils and Hawaiian blended fragrance oils.

Essential oil blending lesson

2 hours 

Textbook, teaching material fee, craft production fee included


It is very difficult to prepare a lot of essential oils at home. You can also experience the scent of essential oils that you have never tried before, such as essential oils that were expensive and difficult to obtain.

Also, by blending these essential oils, you can experience the depth of the scent and the enjoyment of perfuming. Then, make your own perfume and take it home.

Recommended for those who can't find their favorite perfume, or those who like perfume but can't wear it because they have small children.




Essential oil blending lesson

・Online course

2 hours 

Textbook, materials, 2ml essential oil x 15, shipping fee included

$240 (Kama'aina price available)

Whether you live in Hawaii or live anywhere in the world, you can take essential oil blending lessons from home. Of course, you can also use the essential oils you have at home.

We hope that more people will be able to know the enjoyment of scents, such as those who are interested in aroma fragrances or blending but do not have time to go somewhere.



Hawaiian essentialoilblending lesson

2.5 hours 

Textbook, teaching material fee, craft production fee included


What plant can you think of as Hawaii? How have they been used in Hawaii and how have they been loved? We will introduce Hawaiian essential oils, including a lecture on the history of Hawaiian plants.

​In addition to the usual essential oils, we will use the essential oils that remind us of Hawaii to create the aroma.

​ Make a nice scent and use it as a perfume so that you can always use it.

Hawaiian essential oil blending lesson

・Online course

2.5 hours

Textbook, materials, 2ml essential oil x 2, shipping fee included

$260 (Kamaaina price avilable )

* Hawaiian essential oil sold separately

​Some essential oils are very expensive due to the fact that the essential oils are not easy to extract and the plants themselves are rare. Most essential oils from Hawaiian flowers are that expensive essential oil. However, in this course, which is particular about being 100% essential oil, I wanted to tell everyone about the real thing.

In addition to the contents on the left, Hawaiian essential oil can be selected from the following. Please contact us for details.

A wide range of people are welcome to join, including those who can't come to Hawaii even hard to come, those who love Hawaii, those who like the scent of tropical countries, aroma therapists and Lomirom therapists. An online course where you can feel Hawaii even if you are not in Hawaii.

* Hawaiian essential oil

1ml 3 bottle set $140

2ml 3 bottle set $280

1ml 1 bottle $48

2ml 1 bottle $95

Certified by IAPA Plus Aroma Association

​Aroma blending stylist course

12 hours




Please feel free to contact us