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The art of scent

Design your life with Aroma

The components of aroma will take approximately 0.2 seconds to travel up to your brain.

From your everyday life to the special moments, these aromas take you back to certain memories. We will introduce the "choice of scent" in your life style.

Why use aroma?

The scent is intimately linked to memory. Have you ever had the experience of rejuvenating your memory when you smell a certain scent? Of the five senses, the sense of smell can act directly on the brain.

People want to come back in a comfortable space and their favorite products, along with the pleasant scent of memory. By using an original scent that matches the target and concept, you can effectively mark the product or service in customer's memory.

In addition to making the space comfortable and determining the first impression, by using the essential oil which extracted from 100% natural plants, we expect the sterilizing and disinfecting effect of the space where many people come and go. In the office and business meeting room, you can improve the concentration and work efficiency.


What services are you looking for?


Looking for a new business marketing method. I want to increase sales.

What kind of business do you have? We propose the optimal scent space production according to the type of work and the space.

​To increase the number of customers, to attract repeat customers, to close deals, to increase the efficiency of employees, etc. Please tell us your story.

​I want to have a special memorable Hawaii wedding.

Looking to have an original scent that can bring you back to your special day.  We will produce a wedding with one one special scent in the world for you.

I want my own original scent.


If you can't find the scent you like or you want to wear the original and unique perfume that nobody has. ​If you want to use a unique scent for salons and customer treatments.

I want to experience and learn something in Hawaii or learn aromatherapy.

We will propose courses suitable for your level, from beginners to those who want to learn more in detail and want to acquire qualifications. There are also many contents unique to Hawaii.

On line course is available.


Lomi Loomi School

& Salons


hair salon

& head spa


wedding planner

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