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Memorable Hawaii                     Wedding

An important day for only two people once in a lifetime. Why don't you welcome your wedding or bow renewal with a special scent?

​The scent is closely related to memory. It will be a memorable ceremony if you treat guests with a wonderful scent.

Wedding Ceremony, Party

At the entrance and virgin road, the scent of Hawaiian blend that matches the scenery of Hawaii.

It is a hospitality that makes everyone happy, and it will be a good memory not only for the bride and groom , but also for all attendees.

​For the scent, you can choose from our original or create an original blend that suits you.

Wedding gift

This is a service that allows guests to take home the scent of a wedding ceremony.

We will listen to your wishes and propose a gift that suits the number of guests, age, gender, budget etc.

​I think that you will be pleased as a memory of the wedding of the two people, a memory of Hawaii.

Please contact us first.​

Wedding companies and coordinators

If you have your own chapel, wedding hall or party venue, you can create the scent of the venue or the scent of your own brand.


By appealing the image of your company or the image of the venue to customers in various ways, you will be able to increase customer satisfaction and deeply impress your company.

​There are various approaches. If you are interested in fragrance marketing, please contact us.

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