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New experiences

Experience-based promotion tool

Experience making fragrances with carefully selected French design bottles with high design and excellent function



Restaurant / Bar

A wonderful restaurant visited by a couple, for memories of two people, anniversaries, and travel memories.

It will be entertainment with friends and groups in the fun evening.


Wedding gift

You can take the original scent of the bride and groom as a wedding gift to the attendees. If each person can experience the server during the waiting time and the party, it also will be a memory of the attendees.



As a gift for guests, also entertainment

at events such as birthday parties, baby showers, and bridal showers and individual events held in cafes or galleries.


Retail store

As a new service that allows customers to create your own original fragrances.

If you install it through the window, it will be an eye-catching item as well.


scent + experience = memory

Try the scent


Experience scent bottling


take the scent to home with you


Own a nice scented bottle


Use the scent repeatedly

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