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​Learn aromatherapy in a way that suits you

​I'm interested in aromatherapy, but I don't know what to study. I want to try it, but it seems difficult. I have studied once, but since then I have not touched on aromatherapy. I want to increase my knowledge and experience. If you are like these...

Please feel free to contact us as you can choose according to your level and needs.

Aromatherapy introduction

2 hours  Available at any time

Textbook and teaching materials included
​*Tax not included


History of aromatherapy

What is aromatherapy

What is essential oil?

I'm interested in aromatherapy, but suddenly I can't spend that much time or money. I have a question about aromatherapy, but I don't know who to ask. This is the "Basics of Aromatherapy" course that is perfect for such people. You should be able to ask a lot of questions and clear up your daily confusion.

​Making the final room spray.

Hawaiian aroma fragrance lesson

2.5 hours Acceptable at any time

Includes textbooks, teaching materials, and craft production costs
​*Tax not included

Aroma blending experience

What plants come to mind when you think of Hawaii? Around June every year, many plants bloom and show a colorful appearance that will brighten your mood.How were they used and loved in Hawaii?Such familiar plants in Hawaii have unknown histories.

Also, it is very difficult to align a lot of essential oils at home. Even if you have a lot of them, you may end up wasting them without actually using them. In this course, we will learn the characteristics of each essential oil while smelling the scent of each essential oil.

​In this course, in addition to the usual essential oils, we will use essential oils that remind us of Hawaii and create incense.

​Make a lovely scent and take it home with you as a balm so you can always use it.


Recommended for those who can't find their favorite perfume, or those who like perfume but can't wear it because they have small children.

*In this course, Hawaiian plants will be mixed with fragrance oil so that more people can take it. If you would like to use 100% essential oils from Hawaiian plants, please contact us as there will be an additional charge. For regular essential oils, we use 100% natural high quality essential oils.


Various aromatherapy workshops

30 minutes ~ Irregular (negotiable)

From $35 varies depending on the course


You can only participate in what you are interested in. (Courses other than crafts are only for those who have taken the introduction course.)

​Please take this course at the same time as the Introduction Course.

*Aroma for women

*Cleaning aroma

* Allergy countermeasure aroma

*Spiritual Aroma

* Home care aroma

*Aroma for children, etc.


​Aroma Craft

​(For 2 or more people only)

​There is also a course that children can participate in, such as deodorants, air fresheners, and aroma stones.

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