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What We Offer

herbal oil

Mind and body maintenance.

Aromatherapy body massage.


90min full body massage

​We customize essential oil blend for massage according to each customer's physical and mental condition. Are you aware of the signs you are issuing? If you have a regular treatments, you will find signs from your body that you didn't notice.

Do you have any concern?

Fatigue / fatigue


PMS / dysmenorrhea / menopause

Insomnia / sleep disorders

Stiff shoulders, low back pain, poor circulation


​All of our customers are treated with essential oils that are formulated according to their physical and mental condition. Aromatherapy massage is an oil massage. Please note that in order to allow the essential oils to penetrate into your body, there will be no showering or wiping after the treatment.


We are very sorry, but we do not accept same-day appointment. Please be sure to make an appointment in advance. We will call you for consultation the day before. Based on consultation, the essential oil is prepared. You can take home the essential oil blend used for the treatment on the day.

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